Probably the best radar detector in the world
The only radar detector that tells you where is the radar

Thanks to the doble antenna, the Valentine 1 is the only radar detector that tells you where is the radar, by an arrows system. And, if it receives more than one signal at the same time, the arrows with light on but will identify the largest threat (by type of radar or proximity) by flashing the corresponding arrow.
Arrows alert system
Accessories and instalation options

Another main difference between Valentine 1 and other radar detectors is its accessories and flexible instalation options. Included in the box when you buy the unit, you will find:
- Two types of mounting systems: sucking cups to stick to the windshield and visor mount.
- Coiled power cord to connect to car lighter.
- Flat power cord to connect directly to a power cable or fuse box.
- Accessories for direct installation to a power cable
- Spare sucking cups.
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The only radar detector with two antennas

Valentine One radar detector uses two antennas (one forward and one rear facing), that send the information to the detector computer to analize the received signals and locate every radar threat, by direct reception of the signal o by triangulation between the two antennas.
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Valentine 1: The best radar detector in the world
Two antennas protection system
Valentine 1 detects radar signals from both front and rear sides.

By receiving the signals with two independent antennas, it has a better coverage than any other portable radar detector.
Radar detectors with only one antenna can only detect radar signals from front area.

That's why their performance is lower and cannot indicate where the radar is.
Configuration for Europe

You can change the Valentine One's default configuration to modify the searchable bands and frequencies and only look for the specific radars used in Europe.

Radars used in USA and other countries use bands and frequencies different than the radars used in Europe. That's why most radar detectors made for the american market have a very low performance against radars in Europe. For a radar detector to be effective in Europe (and Spain), it must scan the specific bands and frequencies, both in Ka and Ku bands.

Valentine 1, in Euro mode, is configured to scan those specific frequencies used by European radars. That's why his performance is so superior to other radar detectors in the market.
When changing the Valentine 1 to Euro mode, the display will show during start up the letters "E u r", to confirm the unit is correctly set up.

It is important to buy your unit from a company that would deliver it already configured to your specific area needs. If not, make sure to change the configuration as soon as you receive it.
Euro mode display
Box contents
Besides all the accessories included in the box, the Valentine also offers two optional accessories (sold separately) that offer two interesting installation options:
- Remote Display: You can control your Valentine 1 remotely, letting you install the Valentine out of reach. When the remote display is installed, the Valentine looks like if it is switched off (all visual alerts are displayed on the remote display), and nobody can see that you have a radar detector from the outside.
- Remote Audio: It lets you connect a headphone set or any other audio control system. Very useful when installing the Valentine 1 in a motorcycle.

There are also several types of cables and installation kits to, per example, install your Valentine 1 in more than one car. And another very useful accessory is the transport box, specifically designed for your Valentine and its accessories.

It can be upgraded

Valentine 1 is the only radar detector that can be upgraded, both the software and the equipment. As new radars get introduced in the streets, new radar detectors get developed. But with Valentine 1 you don't need to change your radar detector or buy a new one: you send it to Valentine and it gets upgraded (for a fee). This way, your Valentine will last years and years and continue being the best radar detector in the world.